Sudipta Chakraborty in a free flowing tête à tête

Q1. How do you handle the trappings of stardom?
Stardom is a part of a successful acting career. It has its ups & downs as the career has. One has got to learn how to deal with it. There’s no guide book available for it. Every individual learns it along with his/her own journey towards stardom. And that’s the right way to learn the game.

Q2. What does it take to be successful in the world of acting?

Acting too has no syllabus to follow. Yes, a few books, articles, institutional lectures can teach you the technical aspects of it, and that varies from one medium to another ,i,e; technicalities are not same in case of stage acting, film acting, acting in jatra, audio acting etc.

Q3. Which college are you from? What tips / suggestions do you have for youngsters?

I never went to a college. I completed my secondary education from Alipore Multipurpose Govt. Girls’ School, passed Madhyamik with a Star, completed Higher Secondary from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Fort William, and did my higher studies from Indira Gandhi Open University and passed B.A. with English Hons.

My suggestion to all the youngsters is… Be patient, be focused. Don’t forget your roots. Explore the past of your family, your city, your culture as much as possible. It would enrich you as a human being, it would help you building your own persona and it would show you the right path you should choose to go ahead.



Q4. Where do you see the Bengali film world heading?

Bengali film world is heading towards building a more matured viewership in coming days. The quality of viewership is changing towards betterment. All we need to do is to concentrate into growing the quantity as well now. Otherwise, the much liked films will never be able to make financial profits and we would, I’m afraid, go back to the time when quality films weren’t made on a large scale.

Q5. How can one train to be a good actor /actress?

As I said earlier, no technical and institutional training can make you a good actor. It can only sharpen the features that you already have in you. It has to come from within. Watch plays, watch a lot of films, study biographies of great actors & makers, and of course, be in it. Enroll yourself into a theatre group, social group, tv serial & film casts and interact. And last but not the least…OBSERVE.  Observe every single person you meet or come across every day. That’s the key of becoming a good actor. Every ingredient of portraying a role believably is there lying around you. You just got to observe them, pick the right thing and use it at the right time mixing it with your power of imagination. Remember, Bibhutibhushan didn’t write “Chaand er Pahar” sitting in the African jungle. He just took the required technical details from Geography books and let his power of imagination flow that made Shankar’s journey so wonderful.

Q6. Anything else that you may want to addIf I start adding, it would go on & on. I better stop here.

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